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Since introducing a video feedback service to support players looking for advice online, pianists from three continents have sent films of their playing and found my detailed written comments helpful.

Now I am happy to be launching Pianodao MASTERCLASSa revised and updated video feedback service with a new pricing structure that better reflects the depth and quality of feedback given, and the time I put into writing it (never less than half an hour).

Learning Online: A Better Approach?

During the pandemic, we have all discovered new and exciting ways to learn, teach and assess music online.

While players who are able to access expert piano tuition face-to-face generally prefer it to learning online (and with good reason), a number of unique benefits are cited for online lessons:

  • You can choose from a wider range of teachers from around the world, rather than being limited to the few in your neighbourhood.
  • Lessons online can prove easier to schedule around your other commitments.
  • There is no need to travel to the teacher, saving time and fuel.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your own home, playing the piano that you have practiced on and are familiar with.

Pianodao MASTERCLASS offers ALL of these advantages, AND MORE. Delivering detailed expert feedback and advice based on a video submission, the service offers several unique benefits:

  • The schedule is COMPLETELY up to you, because you don’t need to coordinate a live session with the teacher, and can record whenever you like.
  • Because you are recording a video rather than streaming, the quality can be far higher, properly showcasing the musical detail in your playing.
  • Watching the video more than once allows for more accurate assessment.
  • Because feedback is detailed and in writing, there’s nothing to lose or forget, and plenty to follow up on in your practice and lessons.
  • And yet, the cost is cheaper than a pro masterclass or lesson, bringing expert advice and support within reach of everyone, everywhere…
  • … and there are no software subscriptions, platform or agency fees.

The clear advantages of this service are indeed significant.

I believe that Pianodao MASTERCLASS offers a better digital alternative, a truly superb online route for improving your playing.

Pianodao MASTERCLASS can be used whenever you like, and however. You can dip in as a one-off, or come back at regular intervals within your own learning cycle.

You can also use the service in conjunction with Pianodao CONSULTATION Lessons online to create your own bespoke and interactive learning pathway: find out more here.

And there’s more to come…

While teaching face-to-face will undoubtedly retain its central place in my work helping piano players, the Pianodao MASTERCLASS will continue to develop and expand.

Watch this space for news about focused MASTERCLASS opportunities based on a particular repertoire, and with a community element…

What others are saying…

Those who have already benefited from the Pianodao MASTERCLASS approach only have praise for this innovative new resource:

“Your critique has actually given me a huge boost in my self-worth as a pianist. I like how specific the suggestions are and therefore easy to follow and apply.”

“Excellent written feedback given. Very positive experience. Would highly recommend!”

“At last! An opportunity to receive top-notch feedback on my playing, and it’s been a revelation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I was really impressed. The written feedback went into far more detail than I expected, and has given me loads to think about, which will really help in my diploma preparation.”

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