A Requiem Worth Waiting For

Review by: Robert Levine Artistic Quality: 10 Sound Quality: 10 How is it possible that this 40-year-old performance got by me? With the great Riccardo Muti, three of my favorite singers (at the time), and the fine Munich forces, it has greatness written all over it. There is a weight to this performance, a drama, … Read more

Nelia Ross is bringing the globe another exciting show called “The True Light Show” –

Nelia Ross is a new-age vocalist and charismatic artist who is making a huge impact in the industry with her fascinating vocal strength, embracing warm pop and rock songs. The singer has a strong melodic voice and has polished her inherent ability to stand out in crowds with conviction and emotion. With a diversified approach, … Read more

Hoshino U.S.A. Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Ibanez Custom Shop Basses – No Treble

Hoshino USA, the US-based distributor of Ibanez Guitars, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the creation of limited collection of “extremely special, hand-crafted, custom instruments.” The instruments are built as a project between the Ibanez LA Custom Shop and the Japanese Custom Shop in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. “Just as no two years are … Read more

Cybersecurity for musicians and the music industry

Cybersecurity for musicians and the music industry Musicians have a lot on their plates, from writing songs, branding, marketing, preparing for performances, and much more. However, you are likely on your phone and computer, but you haven’t thought much about cybersecurity. This may be an innocent mistake that can be costly no matter if you … Read more

Benefits of Crypto Gambling Casinos Vs Traditional Casinos –

Technology has made the world a more comfortable place to live in, and the advent of cryptocurrency technology has given birth to something more sophisticated: crypto gambling being the most popular of them all. The many advantages that came with this technology have forced more gamblers worldwide to seek refuge in its abilities. It will … Read more

“the arts at their best are an honest expression of humanity” – interview with composer Thomas Hewitt Jones – The Cross-Eyed Pianist

As the Meet the Artist interview series approaches its 10th birthday, I’m delighted to feature a new interview with one of the first people I interviewed for the series, back in 2012, award-winning composer Thomas Hewitt Jones. Who or what are the most significant influences on your musical life and career as a composer? Without … Read more

Multifaceted Future of Jewelry Manufacturing Is Demand and Perfectly Business Growth –

Jewelry products mainly consist of gold, silver, diamonds, and other exotic gemstones. They have been a symbol of luxury since centuries and adorn by people for beautification and enhancing their overall appearance. Additionally, the high demand for bridal ornaments, and the different festivities and traditions followed by people globally boosts the consumption of exotic gemstones … Read more

How Do We Buy A Piece of Land On The Metaverse? –

Introduction Metaverse is moving towards the digitalization of the real world by grouping augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and video. The virtual world lets users work, play, and stay connected with friends in the virtual world with their digital avatars. From holding a session to taking a tour around the virtual world, there are … Read more