How to Make Your New Hire Onboarding Successful? –

It is imperative to plan proper onboarding processes to ensure that new hires are retained longer. This helps cut down the costs and enhance your company’s productivity and performance. A study revealed that about 63.3% of US companies consider new hire retention the most challenging part of recruitment. This is probably because employees need more … Read more

Top music festivals to attend in Summer 2022

Top music festivals to attend this summer across the globe in 2022 This upcoming summer is set to welcome back many of the world’s largest electronic music festivals across America and Europe. Below, you can find the top music festivals this summer globally for 2022; You’ll find dates, locations, and line-up highlights. 1. Electric Daisy … Read more

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Top 10 Free EQ VST Plugins in 2022 for Music Producers

Top 10 Free EQ plugins Every year, the biggest plugin developers come up with their newest assets. With so many plugin developers in the market, time and again we witness revolutionary and unique plugins. Some of them come at a cost that isn’t affordable by many upcoming producers across the globe. To their advantage, there … Read more

An Interview with James “Hutch” Hutchinson – No Treble

Blues and roots icon Bonnie Raitt recently released her 21st studio album, entitled Just Like That… Comprised of a mix of original songs and covers, the music is just as powerful and pensive as she has ever made. The album features longtime bassist and session legend James “Hutch” Hutchinson. If you know Hutch, you know … Read more

Costume Designer and Stylist on Her Newest Project, Pleasure –

Costume designer and stylist Amanda Wing Lee Yee loves to work on female-centric projects that offer racial, cultural, and sexual diversity. She is known for her work on the interactive video game Telling Lies, by BAFTA winner Sam Barlow, and The Summer of Snakes, A post-war coming-of-age drama that takes its inspiration from the life … Read more

Help Decide Who Will Take Home an Electronic Dance Music Award This Year –

Welcome to the Electronic Dance Music Awards, an international celebration of all things dance music. The EDMAs honor this year’s artists standout electronic dance music, events, labels, and executives. To show appreciation for stellar talent and contributions to the industry, awards will be given out across a number of select categories. This includes Dance Song … Read more

Bellamy Brothers Release 40 Years: The Vinyl Album –

“Everything old really is new again. Just ask the Bellamy Brothers (Cowboys & Indians).” The iconic country duo’s first vinyl release in more than three decades, 40 Years: The Vinyl Albumis available now from Bellamy Brothers Records, Inc. To order 40 Years: The Vinyl Albumclick HERE. A follow up to 40 Yearsthe Bellamy Brothers’ 2015 … Read more