subduxtion – What’s To Come Interview

subduxtion is known for his impressive discography, always experimenting with sounds and for his distinctive sound that mixes components of Minimal, Techno and House. The producer and DJ is ready for a new stream of releases, shows and projects. We chatted with subduxtion to ask him more about what’s in store.

Hey subduxtion, first off what’s up? 

Greetings and salutations!

What plans do you have for yourself this year? 

This year’s plans include several new guest-mixes, new releases on both Internet & Weed and Milligrid Records as well as the possibility of releasing my first NFT and just maybe performances in the metaverse.

How do you think the scene will change in the future?   

I see the scene changing right now! Technology, as it so often does, is bringing about change. The emergence of NFTs has already changed the scene. With cryptocurrencies, Music3, Web3, and the metaverse change is coming, and coming fast. Everyday there’s a new platform emerging that wants to make things economically as well as artistically better for fans, musicians, producers and DJ’s. All these changes, disruptions, platforms, whatever you want to call them, will change how fans and musicians will interact with each other and I hope that interaction is much more rewarding and positive than our current system. The economics of today only benefit a select few. Changes to how music will be distributed and consumed and will hopefully bring about better and truly adequate compensation for those who make music. The emergence of 5G technology could mean DJ’s now stream tracks from a cloud service as they’re performing. Imagine being able to airdrop a DJ as they’re performing, a new track of yours or stems of a track for them to remix live on the fly. It’s a brave new world we’re heading towards.

After 2020, what do you see for the clubbing circuit?  

The clubbing circuit isn’t going away but it is changing and will continue to change as long as COVID is with us. We may see clubbing continue to grow online? 2020 and 2021 both saw increasing numbers of streamed live shows. Those shows had massive viewership. If we can’t always gather in a club, we may find that the internet is the new club.

What are some personal goals that you would like to achieve?   

For me personally I want to continue growing as a producer / DJ. I feel like I haven’t made that perfect track or played that perfect set, so I’m chasing that. It’s the never-ending quest for what might just be the unattainable.

List 3 things on your bucket list? 

1. Go to Egypt. I really want to visit the pyramids!

2. Perform at an Electronic Daisy Carnival event

3. Perform at an Electronic Daisy Carnival event Create the soundtrack for a Rick Owens fashion show

Got any collaborations in mind for this year? 

I have a couple in mind, yes. There will probably be a collaboration with DJ Phys. That is the techno guise of Philippe Gerber who runs Milligrid Records. Earlier this year I did a remix for one of his tracks.

What do you predict for 2030? (personal/career/ or for the world)  

I think technology will make 2030 very different. Everyday we’re seeing an explosion of technological innovation. Things get smaller, faster, lighter and new more efficient ways of doing things are created. One thing I do hope for with all this technological advancement is that it truly benefits the many, not just the few. We need everyone to be a participant in the benefits of technology and not get abused by technology.

Finally, if you could leave yourself some advice for this year, what would it be? 

Remember to stop and take a break. There’s no need to run yourself into the ground. A pause in the routine has never hurt anyone.

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