Canadian singer-songwriter/producer Chris Gray has released his new EP Together, but Barely, demonstrating his mastery of modern R&B and Pop, effortlessly weaving fragments of Rock, Hip Hop, and orchestral music into six intense and captivating tracks. It’s an innovative sound that Gray can proudly call his own and is highlighted by his unforgettable voice and … Read more

Canadian Recording Artist Rawle on upcoming EP “Find My Way” –

With a captivating approach to his music, Canadian R&B, soul, and pop artist Rawle is one of the music industry’s hottest upcoming recording artists. Rawle’s EP “Find My Way,” set for release April, 2022, is a labor of love detailing his own story of finding himself and his way through the trials and tribulations of … Read more

Feisty and fearless Canadian pop songstress, [email protected], pushes the envelope once again with the release of “Soubois,” the third single from her forthcoming EP Welcome To The Sh!t Show.

Known for writing songs that are both sophisticated and often lyrically witty, [email protected] is not afraid to tackle subjects that might cause some to reflect upon potentially uncomfortable truths about themselves, and “Soubois” is a perfect example of that. The frenetic energy dominating the track is highlighted by [email protected]’s rapid-fire verses and underscored by a … Read more