These Are The 10 Best BEHEMOTH Deep Cuts

Having started their career churning out pure black metal in the city of Gdańsk, Poland, over the course of 30 years Behemoth have grown to become arguably their country’s finest musical export. It’s not been without controversy however, with band to this day facing backlash from the religious conservatives in their home country (and abroad). … Read more

These Are The 10 Best DEFTONES Deep Cuts

Having escaped the nu-metal scene and becoming one of the most respectable alternative metal bands ever, Deftones success has always been through their marriage of different styles and influences – alt rock, down-tuned metal, shoegaze, post-hardcore and electronica – Deftones are a true melting pot of genres. After over three decades as a group, they … Read more

These Are The 10 Best PANTERA Deep Cuts

Texas’ finest metal export Pantera have left an endearing and enormous legacy on the metal scene. Their groove, energy, swagger and power has influenced legions of acts, and they rightly filled arenas across the world and had a slew of platinum and gold records through out the 90’s. This is no small feat, considering metal’s … Read more

These Are The 10 Best OPETH Deep Cuts

From one of the many metal acts sprouting from the fertile musical ground of Sweden in the early ’90s, to arguably the biggest progressive rock band of this generation (and the last), Opeth‘s storied three decade-plus career has been as twisting and turning as their finest compositions. Frontman, guitarist and main-composer Mikael Åkerfeldt is undoubtedly … Read more

10 Best GOJIRA Deep Cuts

France’s biggest and finest metal export Gojira has become one of the forerunners of the international heavy music scene. Far from overnight sensations, the four piece have toiled away for well over two decades to ascend the ladder of metal. They are an act that is heavy in more than just their musical output, with … Read more