New Releases From DARK FUNERAL, WITHOUT WAVES & More Out Today 3/18

This week’s new heavy metal releases include 100% less children’s music because some of you have no humor in your dead hearts, as well as black metal, grooves, riffs, and more! To the metals… Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Agathodaimon – The Seven Genre: Symphonic/black metalOrigin: Mainz, GermanyLabel: Napalm Buy now on Bandcamp Starting this … Read more

DARK FUNERAL We Are The Apocalypse

I’m just going to come out and say this because it keeps constantly going through my mind as I listen to this new record over and over again… We Are the Apocalypse is Dark Funeral‘s best record. Now, that’s a particularly bold statement given this band’s vast history as Swedish black metal pioneers, but I … Read more