Donjia Gale on Career, Consulting, and Keeping It Real –

Donjia Gale is a business woman, media host, and public speaker. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2002, and in 2017 she founded Donjia Gale Enterprises, specializing in brand development, artist management digital marketing. Gale’s early career experience ranges from telecommunications, banking, sales, marketing and wealth management at Fortune 500 companies, to on-air radio host, beauty … Read more

SLIPKNOT’s TORTILLA MAN Discusses Keeping His Identity Secret, Favorite Tortilla-Based Dish & The Deep Cut He Wants To Play

After years of speculation (and the whole thing being the world’s worst secret), Slipknot recently revealed that their percussionist Tortilla Man is indeed Michael Pfaff via their Instagram. Pfaff recently sat down for an AMA on Reddit, where he discussed everything from trying to keep his identity secret to what his favorite tortilla-based dish is. … Read more

How to Make Keeping Your Grammar in Check a Goal for 2022 –

If there is one way to be taken more seriously and show you are professional and intelligent, it’s by having great grammar skills. Grammar encompasses essentially every aspect of the English language, from punctuation to sentence structure (also called syntax) to proper word use, etc. Basically every error in language can be attributed to incorrect … Read more