Top music festivals to attend in Summer 2022

Top music festivals to attend this summer across the globe in 2022 This upcoming summer is set to welcome back many of the world’s largest electronic music festivals across America and Europe. Below, you can find the top music festivals this summer globally for 2022; You’ll find dates, locations, and line-up highlights. 1. Electric Daisy … Read more

Top 10 Free EQ VST Plugins in 2022 for Music Producers

Top 10 Free EQ plugins Every year, the biggest plugin developers come up with their newest assets. With so many plugin developers in the market, time and again we witness revolutionary and unique plugins. Some of them come at a cost that isn’t affordable by many upcoming producers across the globe. To their advantage, there … Read more

Help Decide Who Will Take Home an Electronic Dance Music Award This Year –

Welcome to the Electronic Dance Music Awards, an international celebration of all things dance music. The EDMAs honor this year’s artists standout electronic dance music, events, labels, and executives. To show appreciation for stellar talent and contributions to the industry, awards will be given out across a number of select categories. This includes Dance Song … Read more

Modern ways of teaching the art of electronic music

Modern ways of teaching the art of electronic music creation The average human lives for about 70 years. We spend almost half of that time sleeping, while almost every other waking moment is spent working, cleaning, or running errands. Moments of pleasure and joy are pretty rare, and that is why we value music. Music … Read more

Common Terms & Abbreviations used in Music Production

Common Terms & Abbreviations used in Music Production Music production can be divided into several categories, such as mixing, mastering, and songwriting, that include several terms. As a sound engineer, producer, or musician, it’s important to understand what these terms mean and stand for. Down below you’ll find a list of the most common terms … Read more

Top B2B sets to not miss during one of the worlds largest dance music festivals

EDC Las Vegas 2022: Top B2B sets to not miss during one of the worlds largest dance music festivals Ready to experience one of the world’s largest dance music festivals? I know we are as the days are quickly approaching for EDC Las Vegas 2022. With several top-notch B2B sets during EDC Week and EDC … Read more

Sonic Rebel discusses “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Remix)” music video –

Sonic Rebel is a one-woman, percussion-driven project that is ready to make waves. Tammy Hurt is no stranger to the music world and with Sonic Rebel, she brings in influences ranging from house to hip-hop, modern pop with electro-soul, progressive rock to ’80s video game music. “This Vibe” comes from the debut release We Made … Read more

Eargazm Music Group is a new record label for new artists and music producers. –

Covid-19 has been a substantial global pandemic that affected many businesses as no one was allowed to leave their houses due to lockdown. Several businesses were forced out of the market, and many faced huge losses that took a while to recover. Restaurants, shops, and offices were all closed due to the restrictions, and it … Read more

“My music is concerned with my feelings about life, expressed to the best of my ability in melody, harmony and counterpoint” – David Matthews, composer – The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Who or what are the most significant influences on your musical life and career as a composer? I didn’t begin to compose until I was sixteen. At that time I had given up piano lessons (I learned the piano between seven and thirteen) and attended a school where there was no music teacher, so composing … Read more