Netflix Thriller is a Thin Exercise in Hitchcockian Style

The Pitch: A man (Jason Segel) breaks into a well-furnished California vacation home; he rifles through the drawers for cash and valuables, eats fruit from their lush orange grove, and pisses in their shower. But just as he’s about to leave, the couple to whom the house belongs — a snotty tech CEO (Jesse Plemons) … Read more

Kate Nash and Rebekka Johnson Talks Quirky Thriller WILD B*TCH –

We’re super excited to be speaking today with two incredibly respected and talented actresses, Kate Nash and Rebekka Johnson; greetings and salutations, Kate and Rebekka! How has the New Year treating the two of you thus far? Rebekka: Thanks for talking with us! The New Year is bringing a lot of exciting things professionally for … Read more